C’est ton fric, so SHOP

Did you know, that “c’est T-Afric” is not only the name of our awesome brand, but in french “c’est ton fric” also means “it’s your money”? So if today you feel like treating yourself to a colourful, unique t-shirt, sweater or another c’est T-afric piece (just because you feel like it,Β  or because you’re awesome and you’ve deserved it) have a look in our shop! It’s your money after all, and you’ve worked hard to earn it.

All of our pieces are unique, so you might not find everything in your preferred print and size. Of course, get in touch with us via if you have some specific preferences.

Everything is created in collaboration with our couturiers and designers in Togo. The basic pieces are bought in Belgium (we tried to get organic cottons) and the “pagne” is bought and attached to the basics in Togo.

Have fun shopping!

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