Our story

Who are we?Β 


The beginning

April, 2017… with a suitcase full of expectations, we were welcomed by the quenching heat at LomΓ© airport. It was the beginning of an encounter with an amazing country and it’s hospitable people. Impressed by the beauty of the country, the warmth of the inhabitants and the colours in the street, we experienced a wonderful holiday.

Back home in Belgium the impressions that Togo left on us lasted. Dressed in our handmade Togolese outfits we listened to the compliments we received from our friends and a seed was planted in our heads.

Half a year later we proudly presented our brand: c’est T-Afric.

What does c’est T-afric stand for?

Our product:Β Our dream is to see more colour in the street. While acknowledging that for many people it is challenging to wear full on bright outfits, we thought: “how about we combine very basic, neutral items with a little touch of the African, colourful and bold “pagne””? Like this we make colour more accessible for everyone.

Social responsibility: It is our aim to cooperate with local suppliers. Why? Like this we can support the Togolese market by investing in their economy, creating work and paying fair prices. Furthermore we make a link between two cultures and we create an honest product. And we have a reason to travel back and forth to one of our favourite locations πŸ˜‰

Dream big: we have big dreams and so have our colleagues in Africa. On long term, it would be magnificent if we can create work troughout the whole year, collaborate with fashion schools, create ateliers, coach young entrepreneurs, …. We start small, but we dream big.

About our project

Meet Daizy, from Angola.