Welcome to the world of C’est T-Afric:

Vibrant with a touch of African magic!

C’est T-Afric is a fashion brand. We produce fashion with a touch of pagne (*): we upgrade comfortable sweaters, T-shirts and accessories with colourful African fabrics, in collaboration with our partners in Togo. (* Pagne is the French word for African fabrics.)


What does c’est T-afric stand for?

Our unique and colourful product: Our dream is to see more colour in the street. We’re in love with the African, colourful and bold pagne and to make it accessible for everyone, we combine very basic, neutral items with a touch of it. Every piece is unique: you might see certain designs and colours coming back, but you will never find the exact same product twice. You are unique, so why wouldn’t your clothes be?

Social responsibility and handmade products: We believe in building bridges between Europe and Africa, in order to learn from each other’s cultures. We want our partners to have similar chances as we have, therefore we invest in the African economy, create work and pay fair prices. At the moment we are cooperating with Togo but we are looking into other destinations as well. Our base products are currently not handmade, but we do buy from sustainable suppliers. The touch of pagne however is hand-stitched onto the garments by our Togolese couturiers. Also, the jewelry is handmade by our jewelry designer in Togo.

Our big dreams: we have big dreams and so have our colleagues in Africa. On long term, it would be magnificent if we can cooperate with more and more designers throughout Africa, if we create work troughout the whole year, have our basics handmade, collaborate with fashion schools, create ateliers, coach young entrepreneurs, …. We start small, but we dream big. Will you help us?


Who are we?

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An & Sandy, Owners of C’est T-Afric

About our project